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Dear Neighbors:

I want to thank the voters of Assembly District 15 and each and every supporter for your encouragement, donations, and other support. Your help and generosity means more to me than words can ever express.

Last week’s voter turnout didn’t turn out as we had hoped, but it only shows that the work we must all do together to present a compelling vision for change, is needed more than ever. I’ll continue the fight to empower communities and ensure real community engagement in decision-making, including our collective goals of stronger voter participation at every level.

There is so much more work to do, and we need to do it together. Today, I am proud of the campaign we ran and look forward to supporting Ana Marie in her race. Please join me in reflecting on the work ahead, and sharing the hope in our hearts as we prepare for our critical national, state and regional races this fall.

Again, thank you! Monica


Councilmember Monica Wilson

For the past two decades, I have served the people of Contra Costa County as a community organizer, nonprofit manager, and leader in the fight for safe neighborhoods and healthy families. I am ready to take my results-oriented leadership to maintain and improve the quality of life for all Californians to Sacramento. Thank you for visiting my website to learn more about my vision for State Assembly District 15.