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Monica’s Priorities

“As your Assemblymember, I’ll collaborate with regional leaders to create effective solutions to our most pressing problems. Here are my priorities. Join us!” – Monica

Cost of Living

“Working families are getting priced out of our region. The cost of basic needs such as housing, groceries and healthcare have skyrocketed – all issues I have experienced myself. As Assemblymember, I’ll fight to address pocketbook issues for the well-being of every Californian and protect good paying jobs in Contra Costa County.”

Affordable Housing and Homelessness

“I champion local housing creation that generates local jobs and home ownership opportunities for our workforce, First Responders, and future generations. Homelessness is a crisis. I’ll bring my local leadership in improving homeless outreach coordination, expanding transitional housing, mental health, and addiction services to Sacramento.”

Safe Neighborhoods and Schools

“I am a fierce advocate for safe neighborhoods and accountable law enforcement approaches that build trust with the community. My strong record includes limiting liquor stores and banning hourly rate hotels in my city; fighting human trafficking; shutting down illicit massage parlors; and demanding gun control laws that take weapons off our streets and away from our schools.”

Climate Change

“I’ve stood up to Big Oil for polluting our communities and will work fiercely to reduce carbon pollution causing climate change. I’ll end our reliance on fossil fuels and create good paying, green jobs.”

Human Trafficking

“Regionally and locally, I’ve led the fight to end human trafficking, ban hourly rate motels and hotels, and combat illegal massage parlors. As your Assemblymember, I’ll introduce tough state legislation to crack down on human traffickers and protect survivors of trafficking.”